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Transformative Impact - Green Music Center

GREEN MUSIC CENTER - link to complete division plan


GOAL:Serve as a primary public interface for the university.

Present diverse and compelling programming year-round that invites multiple communities to engage  
Partner with our resident ensembles, including the Santa Rosa Symphony and Sonoma Bach, to present their seasons and other performances  
Serve our community by making our facilities available to our stakeholders for impactful events  
Represent Sonoma State in programming and/or engagement with community partners on and off campus  


GOAL: Maximize our potential as a university presenter by deeply impacting and engaging stakeholders.

Provide state-of-the-art facilities that encourage learning  
Engage presenting artists in residency activities on campus and in the community  
Provide meaningful student career development opportunities that are relevant to courses of study and areas of interest  
Establish and build strong and authentic partnerships with individuals and organizations that produce advocates and entice broad participation in our programs  


GOAL: Use our program and platform to work towards cultural equity, placing emphasis on marginalized and underrepresented voices, and ensuring programs are relevant in our multicultural world.

Program and partner with artists from multiple cultural backgrounds and varying artistic traditions  
Work toward employing staff and recruiting board members who are expressive of the diversity in our communities  
Partner with organizations that work with marginalized and underrepresented communities to provide access to the performing arts  
Ensure our programs, regardless of genre, are relevant in our multi-cultural world  


GOAL: Build a sustainable organization that responsibly manages resources.

Strengthen our processes to ensure sustainable deployment of human and financial resources  
Introduce and maintain environmentally sustainable practices that meet or exceed Sonoma State University expectations  
Provide professional development opportunities that allow personnel to grow  
Facilitate the Board of Advisors' involvement in helping to build capacity  
Create sustainable funding mechanisms that close the gap in our budget