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Leadership Cultivation - Academic Affairs

ACADEMIC AFFAIRS - link to complete division plan


GOAL: Support SSU faculty and staff in their professional development and RSCA so they can be leaders in the community and the disciplines.

Develop and implement sustainable professional development and RSCA support plans.  
Create mechanisms for faculty to share their research with local and global communities on a broader scale. This could include, for example, an institutional repository, an Open Access policy/program, more community-based lectures or programming.  
Encourage academic departments to examine how they evaluate and/or support emerging forms of community- and web-based scholarship and to recognize scholarship and research output with an impact beyond the academic sphere (e.g., open access platforms or that is targeted outside of academic communities)  


GOAL: Amplify integration of leadership into the curriculum and into co-curricular programming to make this a distinctive feature of SSU educational culture.

Use the service-learning and leadership specific courses at SSU to help create a continuous leadership cultivation opportunity for students at SSU.  
Make more explicit connections between service and leadership in curricular and co-curricular programming.  
Identify mechanisms to highlight leadership among current students, faculty, and staff so we can build a broader reputation around SSU as a leadership-driven institution.