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Student Success - Academic Affairs

ACADEMIC AFFAIRS - link to complete division plan


GOAL: Meet SSU's GI2025 graduation and retention goals, including elimination of all equity gaps

Systematize identification, communication, and training relevant to student success best practices (including advising, scheduling, at-risk student support, etc.).  
Implement and support effective student success technology support for improved advising, early warning and overall student academic support.  
Create and sustain robust tracking systems to enable schools, departments, and programs to interact with correct data sets related to student success.  
Identify and remove barriers to graduation and timely progress to degree.  
Create pathways to graduation that allow students to take all necessary classes in four years (or two for transfers) so they don't have to add time to degree.  
Promote service opportunities that include impacts on our own diverse student populations.  
Increase use of affordable textbook solutions and improve timeliness of textbook orders to ensure students know the full cost of a given class with advance notice.  


GOAL: Create and implement a sustainable A-G (admissions to graduation) student recruitment and support services plan that aligns with SSU's identity as a regionally-serving and Hispanic Serving Institution.

Create and implement robust, intentional student recruitment plan consistent with SSU's HSI status (including targeted recruitment of Pell eligible, first generation, under-represented minority students) and consonant with our commitment to diversity (including to international student recruitment).  
Create and implement an academic student support services plan that includes tutoring (LARC), supplemental instruction, and advising support.  
Expand and create programs that build stronger links with P-12 students to improve college preparedness and college attendance.  


GOAL: Modernize SSU's teaching and learning spaces and business processes in support of student success.

Create and maintain 21st century teaching and learning classroom standards to ensure learning spaces aligned with student and curricular needs.  
Streamline relevant business processes to enable more effective navigation of everything from admissions to registration to applications for graduation.  
Modernize and automate intake of transfer records  
Modernize and automate course substitution and course petition forms.  
Create and implement electronic transfer request system.