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Building Our Future @ SSU

Strategic Plan 2025

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Sonoma State is a regionally serving public university committed to educational access and excellence. Guided by our core values and driven by a commitment to the liberal arts and sciences, Sonoma State delivers high-quality education through innovative programs that leverage the economic, cultural, and natural resources of the North Bay. 

Supporting themes
As a member of the 23-campus California State University system, Sonoma State is proud to serve a diverse student population on our beautiful campus, at our environmental preserves, and at satellite centers throughout the region. Located north of San Francisco in California’s wine country, Sonoma State drives the economic, cultural, and educational engines of the North Bay. Sonoma State University prepares students for meaningful citizenship in a complex world.


Sonoma State University embraces innovation in our quest to be a national model for public higher education by 2025. Our students graduate prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century and to make an impact in the community and the world.


Our core values are an expression of who we are at Sonoma State. We proudly embrace integrity, respect, excellence, and responsibility as part of our Seawolf Commitment.  Our core values include:

  1. Diversity and social justice
  2. Sustainability and environmental inquiry
  3. Connectivity and community engagement
  4. Adaptability and responsiveness


Our strategic priorities provide a road map for Sonoma State’s strategic plan implementation in 2018-2025. 

  1. Student Success
    Sonoma State aspires to be a national model for student success, which includes all aspects of the student experience, from academics to campus life to graduation. All members of our campus community have the responsibility to serve students with integrity and to provide the support services students need to succeed. 

    Supporting themes
    Student success includes all aspects of the student experience, including: educational experience; timely progress to degree; graduation and retention rates; health and wellness services; and inclusive support services for a diverse student population. For students to be successful, we must support all aspects of faculty and staff success, including: hiring, retaining, and supporting diverse faculty and staff; building streamlined, up-to-date business processes; and maintaining a healthy campus environment. We prepare students to succeed in the workforce and to embrace lifelong learning.   
  2. Academic Excellence and Innovation
    Sonoma State has high-quality, innovative academic programs that prepare students to flourish in a changing workforce and world.  By educating beyond classroom walls and across disciplines, Sonoma State promotes synergy and creativity in a dynamic educational environment that responds to regional workforce and community needs.

    Supporting themes
    Sonoma State expresses this commitment by delivering distinctive, responsive academic programs; hiring and developing diverse faculty and staff; embracing innovative teaching and learning; supporting research, scholarship, and creative activity; providing a solid foundation in the liberal arts and sciences that includes hands-on, real-world learning; and maximizing utilization of the Green Music Center, our environmental preserves, and other assets for the benefit of all. 
  3. Leadership Cultivation
    As the region’s only public four-year university, Sonoma State embraces its leadership role in the North Bay and beyond. We prepare the next generation of leaders by providing students with opportunities to learn the knowledge and skills needed to build a better society both locally and globally.

    Supporting themes
    Sonoma State faculty and staff provide leadership in the broader community while also helping students gain the leadership skills needed to bring innovative solutions to the challenges of the 21st century. Sonoma State supports opportunities for leadership development, mentoring, and both personal and professional growth. 
  4. Transformative Impact
    Sonoma State transforms the lives of students, families, and communities by providing educational access and opportunity to help all students succeed. Our faculty and staff work to transform our region, our communities, and our academic disciplines through service, research, programming, and outreach.  

    Supporting themes
    Sonoma State provides students with a transformative educational experience within a framework of access and inclusive excellence. We empower our students to gain and practice 21st century skills, including: citizenship, civic engagement, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, cultural competence, empathy, and problem-solving. Our faculty and staff impact and transform the lives of our students as well as our local and global communities through leadership, volunteerism, community engagement, research, scholarship, and creative activity.